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The question I receive most about my engagement session is, "What are engagement photographs for? Everyone already knows we're getting married!"


That's an excellent question and I have an excellent answer.


In addition to giving you the opportunity for a steamy, lovey-dovey hour or two with your soon-to-be-spouse, engagement sessions actually serve a utilitarian purpose. Many people use their engagement sessions for their "Save the dates," wedding planning website, invitations, or even as an announcement to the world that they're tying the knot. A lot of couples even use photographs from their engagement session for wedding thank you cards.


At Photography by Lise-Marie, we believe that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Our team is dedicated to capturing every moment and every detail, creating unique and everlasting memories that you can cherish forever. We take a personalized approach to each wedding we shoot, getting to know our clients and their vision for the perfect day.


Family Sessions

Family shoots is close to my heart.  Families is something special that you have to treasure, and remember those moments that you can spend together.  Having photos of your family is a gift you can give yourself and your children or your parents, because it's priceless.

Maternity Sessions

Here's a little fact that may surprise you: Many of the pregnant moms I photograph are at some point hesitant about having their photographs taken. While some take to pregnancy very well, and have that pregnancy glow; it's not uncommon to feel uncomfortable in your changing body. And as someone who's been there (twice) and done that (twice), I know that bloating, swollen feet, dry skin and general discomfort are real issues to contend with. That's also why I mostly do the maternity shoots between 30-35 weeks of your pregnancy, so the discomfort can be less during the shoot.


However, let me fill you in on a not-so-secret and your growing child...Beautiful! There's a glow about you during your pregnancy that can never be recreated. Right now, you're a type of beautiful that is literally impossible to replicate. Unless, of course, you become pregnant again! There's a light from within, the fact that the new love of your life is developing inside of you, all of that makes for some of the most beautiful images you could imagine. What I'm saying is that you shouldn't let your discomfort stop you from getting maternity photos. You may regret it if you don't have those images to look back on in the years down the road.


Newborn Sessions

I absolutely love photographing newborns!


Those adorably chubby cheeks, wiggling toes and tufts of soft hair? Their coos and sighs? The way they look at you in fascination as they're trying to figure out the world? Or the way they grab momma or papa's fingers and hold on tightly?


I mean, can we all collectively agree that newborns are, like, the cutest things on the planet?

I always suggest getting newborn photographs within the first two weeks of your child's birth. I know that's a hectic time for new parents, but hear me out. Those early days are life changing for everyone involved. By scheduling your newborn session early on (even within the first three days of birth), I'm there to capture all the feelings and emotions you and your baby are going through.

Babies also change a lot -- even within the first few weeks. Getting your newborn photographs as soon as possible ensures we capture that "newborn look" and all those moments. The newborn babies are also very sleepy in the first 2 weeks that makes them easy to pose and position without waking or disturbing their sleep. After the first 2 weeks they also sometimes develop some baby acne and become not so happy to be positioned on their tummy if they become a bit colicky.


I have a very large collection of props/outfits/hats/headbands/wraps etc to use for your newborn to make it extra beautiful. Each shoot is completely customised and styled according to your preferances using colours and props that you prefer.

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