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Helpful Photography Tips for Your Wedding Day

If you're like a lot of people, stepping in front of the camera is a nerve-racking experience. Don't worry; Cloud Nine is here to make sure you look fabulous from head to toe throughout your big day. We're also here to help by dishing three tips that'll ensure you look amazing in your pictures.

Relinquish Control

First and foremost, trust us as your photographers. With over 12 years of wedding photography experience, we have a really skilled eye when it comes to making you look your best in pictures. We know all the money shots, all the best angles, and have all sorts of techniques up our sleeves to really capture your beauty, and handsomeness, on camera.

Keep It Natural

A hearty laugh and genuine smile are just as beautiful as those pensive moments, tears and excited expressions. Don't feel like you have to force a smile or a certain expression at any given time throughout the day. Instead, just live in the moment and be yourself. Feel everything and don't worry about looking a certain way on camera.

Forget We're There

When we aren't shooting your posed portraits, just forget that we're even there. Heck, you can even forget that all your friends and family are there for a few moments, if you'd like! Knowing you're being photographed can make you nervous, but try to forget that you've got a lens pointed in your direction -- or an audience -- and just enjoy everything happening around you.

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